Tuesday, January 28, 2014

20 miles and more to go

A few months ago I thought I would never make it to a 20-miler.  I am so glad I was wrong.

I did have to adjust my goals coming into the training season.  I cut out a run a week after I realized five days of running was too hard on my newly healed body.  I've been able to keep the rest of the schedule, occasionally throwing in a few extra miles here and there.  Overall I've been really happy with my training.  I've powered through the hard days reminding myself that days like that are what prepares me for the final 6.2.

This training season, I've gone a little crazy preparing for the race.  I mean, there are so many socks out there.  Who knew?  I thought I'd share a sampling of my favorite gear.

Zensah Calf Sleeves.

As an injury prone runner these have saved my life.  I now have several pairs.  They have alleviated calf pain, shin splints, and tendinitis in my ankles.  I don't know if I will ever  be able to run without them.

I can't go on a run without my trusty shoes-- Mizuno Wave Riders.  I love the cushion in the forefoot.  The bright colors are bonus.

This Saucony Transcendence Jacket has been a lifesaver during the Texas winter.  Winter in Texas is not always very cold, but it is often windy and a bit rainy.  Today I ran a 5-miler in sleet.  This jacket kept me at the perfect temperature.  The windproof front blocks wind and rain, but the sleeves are thin enough to let my body breathe. The zipper front pockets are also waterproof. After a run in an unexpected storm, I took my phone out of the pocket and was pleasantly surprised to see that my valuables were safe and sound.   I bought this jacket from Amazon for $15--a steal!  I'd buy another one full price without question, it is that essential to my running wardrobe.

Spending money of running gear is arguably the best way to get out a running slump.  If you feel a little down about your performance, do as I do at hit the racks!  There is bound to be something that will make you excited to hit the streets again.

Happy Running!