Saturday, May 19, 2012

You wanna know a little about me?  This says it all...well, it says a little.

"Mom, can I play a video game?" my five year old asks, batting her eyelashes.  She knows this is not allowed.  Not this week anyway.  This week my husband had a fabulous idea--one week without video games, one week scorning television, and one week only taking peeks at Facebook.  But the rules can slide.  I know.  She knows.  Everybody knows that Mom is not one who plays by the rules.  "Just one tiny one." She adds.  "Just ten minutes."

"No,"  I say with a sigh.  I should support Jon in this endeavor to give up screens for a week even if it makes my life harder.  Even if it means entertaining a five year old all afternoon.  Even if it means neglecting my writing.  "Daddy said no.  Remember?"

"But can't we just not tell him?"

My breath stops.  This is a perfect idea!  We could have lots of fun! Her playing!  Me writing my next chapter!  Oh, who am I kidding?  Me reading that new regency romance I synced to my Kindle!  What a perfect way to spend an afternoon!  But my conscience stops me.  "Hayden," I say, putting on my most grave mom face and seeing the bliss slip from my grasp, "that would be lying.  Sorry, hon, no computer."

I look at my Kindle being chewed on by the baby.  My laptop sits lifeless on my desk.  I sigh longingly. "Hayden," I say, "Go get a book.  I'll teach you how to read."


  1. Happy to see you writing for the rest of the world. I can't wait to see more about your novels. Keep it up Lady!

  2. I can relate! Well written Erin. -Mari