Friday, April 1, 2016

Parable of the Talents

The past few weeks have been a beast of emotions. I felt it was time to just put my book out there. Honestly, I have not tried very hard to publish the traditional way.  Almost all the books I read now are independent authors or from smaller publishers. I think the world is changing the way it does things.

I am publishing my book independently.
This is kind of scary.
Feels like Scream is chasing me
and there's a tree root in the way.
Hopeful Release in Mid AprilBut still...I have tried.  A few years ago, before a major rework of the material, I sent it out to many, many agents and did not get a single bite. I finished another book since then and started dozens more, testing my feel for different genres, but still Awakened: Legend of the Dagger wouldn't leave me. So now, five years after it's initial inception and countless drafts later, I have decided to release my baby.  It is precious to me. I love the characters as if they were real. In fact, sometimes I have conversations with them as I do the dishes. And Gavin, oh Gavin, he is swoon worthy.  He's my tattooed Gilbert Blythe who kills people.

Then there is that nagging feeling in the forefront of my mind that people won't like Gavin, that Eislen won't be as hardcore as I think she is, that the words will fall flat and people won't cry, or laugh, or scream, or feel anything at all.

I know not everybody is going to like my book.  I don't expect them to, but I want someone to. I want someone to feel stronger because they met Eislen. I want them to fight hard for what they want because of Gavin. I want them to want to be nicer because they met Toby and they don't want to be like him.

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