Thursday, May 15, 2014

5k Time Trial #2

Guess I need to revise my training plan yet again cause I nailed my second time trial.

23:17.6 was my time for 3.12 miles. My goal was 23:59, so needless to say that I am pumped.  I dropped 1:20 off my last trial and came in :40 seconds faster than my A goal.  I guess that means I need to work harder and aim for higher goals.

My splits came in at 7:28, 7:39, 7:24, and :46 for the .1 (a 6:54 pace).  Yesterday was a nice day, not cold, but in the low 60s and low humidity. Hopefully that doesn't disqualify my results as I've been training in 80 degree heat for the past few weeks.

Mile two is mostly uphill so the slower pace doesn't surprise me.  I'll need to run some hills to cut off a few seconds from that stretch.  I was so happy to see that my final mile was my fastest.  It was a hard mile, but I pushed and was able to meet that goal as well.  Last trial, my final mile was my slowest.  I really want to work for a strong finish and I think I am getting there.

I wore my New Balance 5000.  Maybe this gave me an edge?  I don't know, but I felt so good out there.  I really watched my breathing and made it match my pace. Especially during the last few tenths when I was really tired.  I forced myself to breath harder, breathing one breath for every step--instead of one for every two (or one for every three) like I had been doing through out the rest of the race.

I've decided to aim for 22:59.  The temperature has been much hotter lately (this week a cool front came in--that's why I decided to run my time trial early), so I don't think it will be as easy as this week's trial.  Time to shave off the seconds!  Slowly but surely, it will be done.  22:59 here I come!

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