Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Run Less, Run Faster Week 3

Monday was a 6 miler, 4 miles at mid tempo pace, sandwiched between easy 1 milers.  Paces fell at 8:37, 8:44, 8:36, 8:25.  I found it hard to go slower.  It was a very nice day and I think that helped.

Speed workout.  2x1600 and 1x800 with 400m recovery intervals.  Finished strong.  I met all my times.     My final 1600 was at 7:36.  It was supposed to be at 7:55.  Nice weather helps.  I don't know if I should slow myself down, but I think if I can give it more and complete the workout with room to do more, then I should.

Friday was 8 miles at Long Tempo pace (8:56).  It was a HOT morning.  80 degrees and 100 percent humidity at 5 am.  We took it a little easy on the pace, though we felt like we were pushing it.  My average pace was 9:12.  I think the pace was alright considering the extreme early morning temps.  Gotta get used to it though!  Soon this heat will not go away!

For cross-training, I rode my bike and did a little yoga.  I have also done a few easy miles with my son.

Still liking this program.

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